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Why Install Xco Continuous Thermocouples®?


Factory Mutual Research has classified Xco’s Continuous Thermocouples CT2C as simple apparati. As a simple apparatus each Continuous Thermocouple is intrinsically safe, precluding the need for separate approval in the United States or Europe when used with approved safety barriers. With respect to the EMC Directive, Continuous Thermocouples are benign, in that their inherent qualities are not liable to cause, nor their performance be degraded by, electromagnetic disturbance as defined by UK Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 2372.


High temperature and low -- From -40°C to 800°C -- Xco Continuous Thermocouples can withstand harsh environments and physically demanding applications to provide early warning of hot spots and overheat before product loss or serious fire.
Large areas and small, Xco Continuous Thermocouples can be manufactured to custom fit your application using lengths of a few meters or over 100 meters.
User definable alarms. No matter the application, the user can set the alarms--as many as they want or as few. In cold storage alarms can preceed ANY product loss. Pre alarms can warn of impending problems before they become losses or serious fires.


Xco Continuous Thermocouples provide constant up-to-the-second temperature information. Information that can be used to trigger an early warning alarm-- long before serious damage or fire occurs.
Definable the alarm parameters: 1 pre-alarm, 2 pre-alarms, 3 alarms or more. Because Xco Continuous Thermocouples generate a real-time temperature output, the data flow is constant. Use it to trigger preset or Rate of Change (ROC) alarms too!


Self-restoring, Continuous Thermocouples aren't destroyed when they experience an overheat condition which trips alarms.
No Service or Maintenance Necessary: No need to calibrate or adjust Continuous Thermocouples. They generate a K-type millivolt signal just like a K-type thermocouple.
Dependable and Long lasting, Xco Continuous Thermocouples have been in use in all kinds of environments including harsh environments of well over 400°F for over 10 years without failure.

WHY would you install a digital linear heat detector (LHD)?

WHY would you install sensors (like digital linear heat detectors-LHD’s) that cannot be tested without damage to the sensors?
Why would you install sensors (like digital linear heat detectors-LHD’s) that self-destruct upon activation?
Why would you install sensors (like digital linear heat detectors-LHD’s) that cannot measure temperature or tell you that a problem is developing!
Why would you install sensors (like digital linear heat detectors-LHD’s) -- even with a UL recognition-- that cannot provide a warning of problems as they develop?
If you are an insurance underwriter:
WHY would you NOT insist on sensors that provide temperature information for alarms before serious damage or fire occurs: Xco Continuous Thermocouples?