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Overheat Detection and Protection For Refractory Lined Gasifiers

On More Than 100 Gasifiers Around the World!

Gasifier Gasifer Gasifier Gasifer

Hot Spot Detection Before Catastrophic Failure

Catastrophic Failure

Discover Hot Spots Before Catastrophy Occurs

Sensor Port

Xco CT²C™ Continuous Thermocouple©

Skin Temperature Monitoring Systems That Work!

Real-Time Skin Temperature Monitoring:

Provides surface temperature readings right NOW.

100% Surface Coverage:

From top to bottom, side to side, Xco's CT²C™ Continuous Thermocouples® work where IR cannot see.

Safe and Reliable:

Simple apparatus for use in hazardous areas. 3 year warranty. CT²C™ Continuous Thermocouples® have been monitoring gasifier skin temperatures for over 10 years without failure.

Cost Effective:

Competitively priced systems for small, medium and large applications.

Installed World Wide:

Around the world, Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America Xco CT²C™ Continuous Thermocouples® help protect refractory process vessels, gasifiers and transfer lines.

Complete Coverage on Refractory Lined Vessels

Gasifier Components   Gasifer Diagram
Learn the basic components of a
Skin Temperature Monitoring System
Design a Skin Temperature Monitoring System That Effectively Monitors 100% of the Surface
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