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"Unique Thermocouples for the 21st Century"

About Xco and the Continuous Thermocouple:

FOUNDED:   1980

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:   To engage in developing, patenting and marketing new and unique temperature sensing devices.

MOST SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT:   Continuous Thermocouples are the first major advance in Linear Temperature Sensor Technology in over thirty years.

Xco's Continuous Thermocouples, CT²C, are extraordinary heat sensitive thermocouple cables whose patented ability to generate a millivolt signal proportional to the highest temperature along their entire length is truly unique and unlike any other temperature sensor in the world.

Patent protection has been granted Xco by the USA and seventeen (17) other countries.

Learn more about how contiuous thermocouples detect serious overheat conditions and prevent equipment damage or product loss.

You may contact us at:

Xco a division of SynTemp
6214 Joyner St.
Houston, TX 77087 USA

Telephone: (713) 270-0800

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